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Who Am I

August 19, 2013

I was that sinner that Christ died for. I was one of the sinners that God so loved, that He gave His Only Begotten Son to die for my sins. I was the one that was lost; but His grace saved a wretch like me. I was blind, but thank God; I can see.
I am that person people said “I would stay down”. Thanks be to God, He picked me up, turned me around and planted my feet on a Solid Ground. Some people called me a nobody, but God made me a somebody. I was “one” of many that God saved. I am the one that came back to say “thank you” to God.
My birth certificate list my earthly name, but God have given me a name that no man knows. People that don’t know my name, I tell them; my name is “BLESSED”. I am bless going in and blessed coming out. I am the one that don’t worry about titles or spotlights. I am the one opening and closing the curtain on the stage for Jesus. It’s not about me, but it’s all about Him. I am the one crying in the wilderness “repent and be saved”.
I am that person “trying to tell everybody about Somebody that can save everybody”. I am the person that God maketh to lie down in green pasture while He restores my soul. When I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I am not alone; for He is always with me. I am the one that He made to decrease so He can increase.
I am the one lifting Him higher and higher. I am that tree planted by the river and I shall not be moved. I am that person that trusts Him with my life, my future and my eternal life. I am one of the people He is coming back to receive to Himself. I am one of the people which will spend eternal life with Him.
I am one of the sons born to a rural farmer with a growth in my neck and a weak heart. People said “You can’t speak plain because of your throat surgery” but God said “Go, and I will speak through you”. Even though, I had a speech problem, God understood when I cried out to Him. It is better to enter into Heaven with a speech impediment than to enter into hell with a clear speech.
People say “stay in your lane because you can’t sing”. God said “make a joyful noise unto Him”. Therefore, I will forever praise Him. If you won’t praise Him, I will get into your lane and still praise Him. It was and is God that saved a wretch like me, supply my every need, bless me over and over again, healed me, brought me out of a horrible pit and placed my feet on a Solid ground. You don’t know what I have been through, where God have brought me from or what He is doing in my life. Therefore, don’t ask me to stay in my lane.
As long as I have breath, I will praise Him. As long as He gives me a voice, mouth and a tongue, I will sing praises to Him (and not you) through songs. I “wet my pillow with tears night after night, but God wiped away the tears from my eyes and whispered “everything is going to be alright; I have seen your tears and heard your prayers”.
When your friends and family have let you down, He is there to pick you up. “Trust in the Lord with all thy heart and lean not to thy own understanding”. I don’t have to be acknowledged or recognized for the things I does. I am not looking for praises from man. I am the one behind the curtain, operating the spot lights and curtain for Jesus. It is all about Jesus. My name does not have to be placed on a program or praised on Facebook. Some people just want to be acknowledged on Facebook for their friends to see their works. Some people only want the “spot light” to shine on them. Some people only come to church when they are going to be in the spotlight, their name will be on a program or they can get recognized on Facebook. “Don’t bother those dogs, just watch them. My days on this earth are numbered and I just want to do what my hands find to do to contribute to the Kingdom. Jesus knows my work and my heart. I don’t need silver and gold; just give me Jesus and that’s enough. To men, my works may seem so small. With Jesus, my works will not go unnoticed. I just ask Him “May the works I done, speak for me”. When I am resting in my grave, I pray, there’s nothing left undone.
Who are you? What legends will you leave behind? Will Facebook or God recognize your works?

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  1. Great Post! Who am I?! Powerful, powerful, Pastor Fairley

  2. Pastor Marion permalink

    that is a very good article keep up the good work and let the Lord keep using you.

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