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The Great “I AM”

November 4, 2013

I wish everyone in America could have heard the message on this morning. God is the great “I AM”. He have brought some of us from the unemployment line to a job, from an apartment to a house, from the rear to the front, from the depth of despair to hope, from the impossible to possible, but we still find it impossible to love Him or do His will. The same God that was there when your friends deserted you, the same God that watched over you while you was out partying and brought you home safely; but we won’t even take a few minutes to give Him praises or go to church. God is a jealous God. How long will He continue allowing us to forget Him? When will we have time for Him? If not today, when? How long will you be betwixt? Can the god you are serving save you, heal you, forgive your sins, break the chains of sins, and give you eternal life? Does your god know what you need before you realize you need it? Can your god keep you safe while traveling on the dangerous highways? If the doctors say no, can your god change the outcome? Can your god answer prayers? Does your god know the number of sand on the seashore or the number of hairs on your head?
Does your god wake you every morning, says “good morning” by blowing breath into your nostrils and allow your limbs to move every morning? Does your god protect you in a storm or keep you safe when your enemies come upon you? Can your god make a blind man to see, a dumb man to speak, a lame man to walk, or a dumb man to talk? Can your god heal cancer or AIDS? Does your god stay awake and watch over you or does your god take a nap? Can your god depart ANY sea and hold the waters back and allow you to cross on dry ground? Can your god make the clouds give rain, the sun to shine, the wind the blow or the stars to come out every night? Does your god keep all promises? Does your god have ears, but cannot hear, a mouth that cannot speak, eyes but cannot see, arms but cannot move, legs but cannot walk? Does your god know your beginning and ending?
If your answer is “NO” to one of the questions, it’s time you tried my God.
I am just a voice crying in the wilderness; REPENT. God and my desires are: “That no person would be lost, but all will be saved”. If you are reading this and have not given your life to God, TODAY is a great day. It will be the best investment you ever made. Today will be the “first day of the rest of your life”. As you celebrate your natural birthday, make today your Spiritual birthday.
Prayer: God, I am sorry for my sins. I believe you gave your Only Begotten Son to die for my sins and rose again. I repent of my sins and ask You to forgive me of my sins and come into my life and be my personal Savior. Amen

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