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The Perfect Gift

December 15, 2014

As the Christmas holidays approaches upon us, we are so busy shopping for that perfect gift for that special person. The malls are crowed with people, patience is short and the lines are long. Some gifts we give have no thought process behind them.

We give gifts to people because we love those people. Some gifts are placed upon shelves, in closets, re-gifted or even, unwanted. One of the best material gifts we can give at Christmas is cash. The only time people criticize cash, is when it is too small.

When we look at Christmas paper, we see the colors of green, red and white. The color of green-represent eternal life. The color of red-represent the blood shed for us. The color white-represent we are cleansed through the blood and made whiter than snow.

The Gift we are talking about cannot be purchased with our America Express cards.  This is one Gift millionaires or billionaires cannot buy. It is not for sale. We can’t even put it on lay-a-way. The best part about this Gift; It is free. This Gift waits on us to make up our mind to claim it.    This is the Gift that keeps on giving throughout the year.

God combined His love for mankind into one of the greatest verse known unto man; the best Gift given to man was the Gift of His Only Begotten Son. This Gift was not found under a Christmas tree but in a manger.  This Gift did not come wrapped in pretty Christmas paper with a pretty bow on top.  Instead of a bow, time would place a thorny crown upon it.  Instead of neatly wrapped paper, It came wrapped in swaddle clothing’s.  Instead of purchasing it from Macy Department store, the Gift came from God, down through the lineage of David.  This Gift was not born in a clean and warm hospital. Rather, It came into the world through an old dusty stable, born to a carpenter.  Instead of taking the Gift off a shelf in a department store, it was found in a stable. The most important thing about this Gift; it does not require batteries. It is powered through unconditional love, compassionate, grace, mercy, patience, longsuffering, kindness and forgiveness.

In the Gift, there’s much love. God did not only talk about how much He loved us, but rather, He proved His love by the giving of His only Begotten Son.  If a person say; I love you and does not produce any actions, should cause a person to question that love. In the Gift, there is Salvation. In the Gift, there is forgiveness of sins. This Gift will cause you to love your enemies. This Gift will make you want to do right; even, when you want to do wrong.

For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life. (John 3:16)

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  1. Awesome Pastor Fairley!!!!

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