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Who Will Care

May 1, 2015

Who will care for our sons being shot down in the streets by officers?

When his voice has been silenced, he has nothing to offer.


Who will care for the grieving mother of the slain?

That cries herself to sleep, night after night in unrelenting pain?


Who will care for all the fallen victims?

When the justice system tells us to give up the right for the wrong?


Who will care for our children that have fallen prey to the streets?

As we pray to God for their souls to keep?


Who will care for the homeless, hungry and needy?

While our politicians are filling their pockets and being greedy?


Who will care for all those lost and gone astray?

In God’s grace, I pray they will stay.


Who will care for us when the world is spinning out of control?

The Lord of Host will never forsake us; because He is still in control.


While men are being cut away like blades of grass; we will not bow, give up or give in;

If we believe, God will raise us again.


Who will care about my spilled blood that lies waste upon the ground?

When no “guilty indictment or verdict” within man’s justice can to be found?


Who will care about the hot bullets piercing my chest?

Which can kill my body but never my spirit; for I am at rest.


My family and friends held me dearly in their hearts

Still my life cut short

It is by your actions that my family is torn apart.


Who will care that your actions brought my life to an abrupt end;

My killer’s life continues unchanged yet will steal again and again


I will never hear the voices or laughter that once filled my life with joy;

It is by your hand their very soul has been ripped like a toy.

Their hearts are filled with pain and will never cease to bleed.

My grave is covered with grass and leaves.

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