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A Mother’s Love

May 11, 2015

A mother’s love runs deep;

Daily she prays for the safety of her children and for God to keep.

A mother spends much time on her knees;

and is never concerned about her needs.

A mother’s love is never ending;

and yes her knees are always bending.

When her children are sick or in trouble, she will pray and weep;

she will seek God on their behalf; to heal

or deliver until she falls asleep.

If you are still blessed with a living mother, show her unconditional love today. Tomorrow or next year may be too late. If you have a mother that has taken care of you when you were sick or in trouble, a mother that has made sacrifices and showered you with unconditional love; it’s a good day to thank her.


Prayer: I pray blessings upon all those serving in the capacity of a mother. Father, we ask You to bless every mother serving in the capacity of a mother and a father. We know that children are a blessing from You. Thank You for the mothers that are serving as leaders, Spiritual and guidance counselors, touched the lives of many and are bringing their children up in a way pleasing to You.  Bless the fruits of her loins and increase them in wisdom and knowledge. Order their steps and place a hedge of protection around them.  Amen

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  1. God bless you Pastor Fairley!

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