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Time for a Change

October 26, 2015

How many more people have to lose their life to police shootings before someone take action? Officers want respect because they wear a badge and carry a gun. Respect is earned and not demanded by a show of force.  The communication and trust between officers and citizens have been lost. Officers formed a “brotherhood or pack” against citizens. Anytime officers can fire 137 rounds into car of unarmed citizens and not indicted is a sure sign of a time for a change. . Why have grand jury hearings for officers involved in shootings? The entire Country knows officers won’t be indicted for killing citizens, armed or unarmed.  According to…peoplekilled-by-police So far in 2015, U.S. police killed 776 people, 161 of whom … A total 385 white people have been killed by police this year, and 66 of … who died in a Texas jail under conditions many describe as suspicious. It is open season on citizens and our Country are supporting the hunt and issuing licenses to kill.

A mediator is needed to bridge the gap between officers and citizens. Someone will have to repair the broken lines of communication before we can move forward. People no longer trust police officers.   In all relationships, there must be trust and respect. Citizens want to be treated with respect. After all, the citizens are paying officer salaries. In most cases, I believe incidents could be handled without guns. As a young man I was stopped by (one) officer for speeding. The officer never called for back-up, raised his voice, pulled his gun or even wrote a ticket. He talked to me with the dignity and respect due another individual of the human race. I still remember that night. Where are officers with these values today?  Every incident does not warrant an act of aggression. Instead of ten officers responding to one traffic stop, they could be preventing crimes elsewhere and saving taxpayer gas.

The time has come when our elected officials must hold those in the service of the people accountable for their actions and thereby we as citizens must be held accountable for our actions.  There must be someone that is willing to stand for a generation of young men that have great potential; someone that will not let that potential dies in city streets.   We are looking to our nation’s leaders to set a precedent.  To provide a safe nation for young black men; the very same rights afforded every other man in America.  We ask for nothing more but we expect nothing less.

If it had not been for the Lord on our side and other Americans fighting and dying for freedom; leaders wouldn’t be in the positions they are now. Our ancestors prayed for us, placed hope, freedom and a future in the next generation. We must stand on the Biblical principal that when you become strong, to strengthen your brother.

“Come now, and let us reason together”, says the Lord, “though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, and they shall be as wool”.  If you are willing and obedient, you shall eat the good of the land; but if you refuse and rebel, you shall be devoured by the sword”; for the mouth of the Lord has spoken. (Isaiah 1:18-20)

Prayer: Precious Lord, take our hand and lead us home. We are weak but Thou art mighty, hold us with Thou powerful hand. As we walk through this valley of shadow of death, we need Thee every hour and every minute of our lives. Father, only You can bring these senseless killings to an end. Father, our hope, trust and future rest in Thy hands. Be our Protector, Shield and our Stronghold. Bless this nation to come together in prayer, love and unity. Bless those that persecute the people of your land. Let them know that the wage of sins is death but the precious Gift of Jesus is eternal life. Father, as we lift You higher and higher, we ask You to draw men unto You. We ask You to look into the inner-most part of their hearts and draw them. We ask all this in the name of Jesus. Amen

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  1. Precious Lord, please take our hands!

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