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Don’t Go Back

November 2, 2015

When I look back over my life, I see where God has brought me from. When we look in our review mirrors, we see things behind us. When we look through our windshield, we see things in front of us. In this life, we view life as looking through a mirror, dimly, but soon, we can see clearly. When God has freed you from bondage, don’t go back to being a slave to sin. When I view my past, I can see where God carried me along the way, when I couldn’t carry myself. It was His grace and mercy that carry me. When Jesus received the news that Lazarus was sick, Jesus wanted to go back to Judea but was warned by His disciples how the Jews wanted to stone Him. There is danger in Judea. (John 11:8)

When I look back over my life, I see mountains, valleys and rivers that God has brought me over. When I look ahead, I see mountains in my path but God have given me the power to speak to those mountains and they shall be removed. When we turn on the radio or television, we hear more bad news. When we read the Bible, we hear of good news. We know that there is a Savior that died for our sins. Friends and family members have laid stumbling blocks in our paths, but we can’t go back.

Growing up before the Civil Right Movement, I witnessed the signs “colored or whites only”. I heard of African Americans being hung, beaten, falsely accused, shot to death or brutalized. During the Civil Right Movement in Montgomery, Alabama African Americans were beaten, attacked by dogs, sprayed with fire hoses, killed and jailed while our Country turned its head to the wrong-doing taking place in the Country we call free. Some fifty years later, the same Country is allowing officers to beat, brutalize and kill citizens while the Country turns its head yet again. Fifty years later, an officer In Columbia, South Carolina can strut into a classroom and brutalize and assault a minor female in front of the entire class.…/sc-high-school-officer-beats-student  SC student arrested for recording school cop’s violent assault on classmate sitting in her desk…. Raw Story

If officers are going to wear body cameras, should not citizens be allowed to video actions of officers?  We took God and prayers out of the schools and replaced God with guns, school shootings and now; paid officers assaulting minor children and we call it “alright.”  I was under the impression that officers were placed in schools to keep crime out and protect the children. In my opinion, the situation could have been handled differently. Dr. King fought for equality peacefully, but the school system could not defuse one situation without violence.  The principal could have called the parents of the teenager, sent her home until she learned to follow instructions. In all circumstances, it’s wrong for a trained adult to abuse a minor. Whenever an adult is dating a minor, we call it statutory rape. When an adult officer abuses a child, we call it “doing his job”. If the girl parent would have dragged their daughter across the floor, they would have been locked up and charged with abuse to a minor. .

Don’t return to Montgomery of 1965. This season has passed and God is dong a new thing. We as parents and citizens have to fight for our children’s lives. We have to send a clear message to our government; we won’t go back to the fields of feeling unequal, discrimination or fear. God has promised us “that we shall live and not die”. God has delivered us from those horrible pits, placed our feet upon a Solid Ground and placed a new song in our hearts. With the Old Ship of Zion, there’s no danger in the water. In man’s law, there’s danger in the Churches, homes, schools and streets. “I won’t go back to the way I once was”.

Prayer: Father, we thank Thee for everything you have done for us and where you have brought us from. Help us to keep our eyes on You that we won’t go back to the places You have already delivered us. Bless us to look forward and not backward. Our hope is in You. We need You every minute and every hour of the day. As we travel through this sinful world, we ask You to hold our hand. Be a Stronghold in the day of trouble. Be a Hiding Place from our enemies, Shelter in the time of storms. When weapons are formed against us, be our Shield and Protector that no weapons formed shall prosper. Father, into thine hand, we commit our trust, fear and hope. We will forever lift You up and give You the praises and honor. Father, we thank You for everything You have done what You are doing now and what You are going to do in the future. Amen

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  1. Don’t go back! We can’t go back!

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