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November 30, 2015

Many times, our automobile starts pulling to the left or right and eating up tires, we make an appointment to have the automobile aligned. Over the years, our automobiles have taken beaten by curves and potholes which will knock the front-end out of alignment.

In life, potholes, wear and tear have caused stress upon our walk with God. We don’t have to make an appointment with God to have an alignment.  If we are keeping His Word, walking with Him; He will keep us in alignment. There are times His Word will make adjustment in us without a complete alignment.

His Word is a Lamp unto our feet and a Light to our path. He will keep us in perfect peace if we trust in Him and lean not to our own understanding. When we get out of alignment, He speaks to us and we know His voice because we are His sheep. Then we have the Holy Spirit which will teach us and bring all things in remembrance unto us.

If we refuse to hearken to His voice, we will receive damages and knock our front-end out of alignment. God know the plans He has for us. Many times, we miss our blessings because we are out of alignment in which He has called us. There are two roads; narrow and broad. The broad roads are filled with many potholes, curves, snares and dangers. On this broad road, we find many travelers. On the straight and narrow, we find a few travelers. On the straight and narrow road, we find our biggest enemy trying to throw stumbling blocks, weapons being formed against us and Satan seeking to stop us by deceiving us with vain promises. With God alignment, we have a lifetime warranty. We have the promises of God that no weapons formed against us shall prosper and He will never leave us but He will be with us always.

To receive God warranty, we have to study His Word, abide in His word, be obedient to His voice and put on the whole armor of God. We have to be content in our gifts. We can’t worry about someone else gift but work toward the gifts God have given unto us. God place gifts in each of us as it please Him. When we try to imitate or duplicate someone else gifts, we lose focus of our gifts and find our alignment have been damaged. Then we have to go back to God and tell Him to “create in us a clean heart and renew a right Spirit within us”.

Prayer: Father, forgive us for being disobedient and not keeping Your word. Thank You for guiding, protecting us and never leaving us. We pray for strength and protection on this journey. We ask that You will keep us in alignment with Your word and Your purpose; we give You glory and honor. Order our steps in Your way. Amen

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