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Pray Without Ceasing

January 4, 2016

When I listen to the news and evil surrounding us, I have to resort back to the words of God. “Let not your heart be troubled, you believe in God; believe also in Me”. I believe there is still hope for a lost world if we would “repent, turn from our wicked ways, seek His face and humble ourselves; God will heal our land.

While we worry about terrorists attacking us from the outside, we have to pray that officers and the Justice System will hold wrong-doers accountable. When I listen to the news of how officers shot down two 12 year old boys fill my heart with sadness while the grand jury fail to indict. Ohio grand jury clears police in fatal shooting of 12-year-old police-officer “ “Rich Texas Teen Gets Probation For Killing 4 Pedestrians While Driving Drunk. Michael Vick served two years for fighting dogs; yet a Texas teen get a ten (10) year probation for killing four (4) people. Where was the DNA, evidence and eye-witness against Bill Cosby? Anytime the Country can indict a person by hear-say, tells me we need to pray without ceasing. No man is safe. A woman can come forth from our past and say “he sexual assaulted me” fifty (50) years ago, and it’s become our word against theirs. This is just another plot of the enemy to “steal, kill and destroy” families.There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death”. (Proverbs 14:12) As God holds each of us accountable, we must also hold wrong-doers accountable for their actions.

Over the years I have noticed more Package stores being built on every corner and open for business on Sundays and gays are allowed to marry. The killing of two 12 year old boys, indicate it’s time we activate our prayer life and cover our sons and families in the blood of the Lamb. We decree that our sons shall live and not die. We decree that no weapons formed against our families shall prosper. It’s time we unite, pray and march into the enemy camp and take back everything good the enemy has stolen from us. It’s time we make our prayers and supplications known unto God. We have watched our young men being shot down and left to lie in the streets like dead snakes and our Country don’t seem to be concerned. It’s time we call all Christians back to active duty. We have been sitting in “reserve status” for too long.

Prayer: Help us not to fret because of evil doers. We know that their time is only for a short-while until You mow them down like the green grass. We ask You to build a fence around us every day and seal us unto the day of redemption. We are weak but Thou art strong; hold us with Thy powerful hand. We need You every hour and every minute of the day. Let the words of our mouths and the meditation of our hearts be acceptable in Thy sight. Amen

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  1. Yes…active duty!!!!!

  2. Well said Pastor Fairley. Thank you for reminding us to speak life over our children Outstanding post!

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