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Who Will Have Your Back?

April 11, 2016

A recent incident caused me to reflect on Jesus betrayal by Judas. Many of us have found ourselves in this same situation.  We have found ourselves in a place where those we care for and those we call friend lets us down;  A place where those we think will be there in those dark hours disappear.  Last week, I felt the sting of betrayal from a friend and co-worker. This is someone that I had defended when his job was on the line.  Someone I stood up for when no one else would.

During Jesus time here on earth, I am quite sure the human side of Jesus was thinking of all he had done for the people he came in contact with. These were some of the same ones that betrayed him and cried out crucify him. Judas had been one of the twelve in the inner-circle. He had walked with Jesus, eaten with Jesus and must have known there was something different about Jesus. For the love of money, Judas sold Jesus out and betrayed Him with a kiss for a mere 30 pieces of silver. (Matthew 27:3)

When Jesus was about to be betrayed and crucified, he went to a “quiet place” with people He could count on to have His back. When Jesus went to pray to the Father for strength, He returned to find His supporters asleep. (Luke 22:45) Peter, one of Jesus close friends said “I will go to prison and death with You” but I will never deny You (Luke 22:33). When the time came for Peter to confess he was with Jesus, Peter denied Jesus (3) times for the fear of weakness and bodily harm. After God delivered the Israelites and allowed them to cross the Red Sea on dry ground, they too, turned on God by drinking, dancing, making and serving idols; rather than thanking Him.

Satan is a clever deceiver. Satan does not use strangers, but those close to our hearts to sift us as wheat. Betrayal from a stranger would not hurt as much as one close to the heart and one in the inner circle. The betrayal of a close friend cuts deeper than a two-edge sword. Jesus has promised that He will always have our backs, even when families and friends have turned their backs on us. (Hebrews 13:5) Call upon Me and I will answer; I will be with him in trouble, I will deliver him and honor him. (Psalms 91:15)

Prayer: Father, forgive those that trespass against us. Give us strength where we are weak. Place the same love and forgiveness in us as You forgave those that trespassed and betrayed You, and we will always give You the praise. Amen


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  1. Pastor Fairley, this post spoke directly to me! Having felt that sting within the past few weeks..I can only say thank you for your obedience in releasing this Word!

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