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Prayer of Compassion and Repentance

April 25, 2016

Father in Heaven, we come to You with bowed heads and heavy hearts. When we feel this world is out of control, we know that You still sit high and look low. We ask you to look upon this sin-sick world with patience and compassion. Father, when we look at television and listen to radio’s we see and hear of more bad news.

There’s a bright side to You. You change hearts, heal the sick, save the lost and give hope to the hopeless. We hear of officers killing black men at will and our elected officials turning their backs on the people they was elected to serve. We ask You to replace hate and guns with love and compassion. We ask You to look at our leaders and give them the desire to make changes. Bring them to the knowledge of You. We ask You to grant them wisdom and knowledge to know right from wrong and the choice to do the right thing.

Father, we need a revival in this world. Open the ears of the Spiritual deaf and soften the heart of the hard-heart leaders. Bless them to realize, that one day, they will have to stand in judgment for their actions during their life. Bless “Your people” to lift You up, so You can draw the sinner man, woman, boy or girl. Father, we know that You love us regardless of our actions. Father, bless us to place no other gods before you, love You with all our might, body and soul and our neighbors as ourselves. Then if (possibility) Your people will turn from their wicked ways, repent, pray and seek Your face; You will hear from Heaven and will forgive the land. Lord, we need forgiveness; for we have strayed away from You. We have become prodigal sons and daughters. We know, that You stand with out-stretch arms, willing and waiting to welcome us back home before death has drawn the curtain over our eyes.

Help us to number our days that we may know our end. We realize that we are living in the last days. Many are still waiting on signs. Father, we don’t need signs when we have Your words that you were coming back. Help us to be ready when You come back that You will find us faithful and still on the battlefield. Father, we stand on Your word and Your promises. We are crying in the wilderness for sinners to repent, seek Your face, bend their knees and seek You as their Lord and Savior. Open our eyes and hearts to seek the things above and not on things on this earth. Father, we just can’t do it without You. We ask that every heart that diligent seek you, that You will come in to them. O Gracious God, receive them and be their Shepherd.

Father, we know that sickness is on every side. Look into every house, home and medical facilities with compassion. Speak the Word that they shall be healed and made whole. We know that You are still performing miracles and healing. We look unto the Hill and cry out to the only help we know. We stand on faith and believe that You will do what You promised. You stated; ‘whatsoever we ask in Thy name, that you will do it’. We decree, that there will be a revival and sinners will come running to You in large numbers and crying out; ‘what must I do to be saved’? If we believe, confess and repent; the grace of God will enter our hearts.

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