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Vote and Make Changes

June 19, 2017

During the Georgia 6th District Congressional Debate on June 6, 2017 between Karen Handel and Jon Ossoff; Karen Handel danced around direct questions through-out the debate. Handel pledged her loyalty “to support the presidents agenda by repealing Obama Care”. Many times in life, we don’t get a second chance to correct our past mistakes. On June 20th, we have a second chance to send a loud and clear message to Washington. We are tired of our tax dollars being wasted on “rubber stamps” and another “one of us.” If you live in District 6, have relatives or friends in that District, make sure they get out and vote or be happy with the present administration.

On November 8, 2016, this country was blind-sided. The republicans and the Department of Commerce have endorsed Handel because she is “one of them” meaning: We don’t care about anyone that is not “one of us”. We have too many “one of us” in the government. Don’t sit at home asleep on June 20, 2017. Don’t allow your voting record to show that “you didn’t have time, was asleep, lacked concern or that you are happy with the present administration”. We need people in government that will represent the American people and not be another puppet in Washington. If we can’t trust Handel to tell us the truth, how can we trust her to represent us in Washington? Karen Handel said she “does not support livable wages”. If you are tired of working for minimum wages, Handel is not for you. Don’t fall for Handel sympathy vote. Don’t fall for republican ads that Handel is right for Georgia.

I challenge everyone to focus on where you fit into this radical agenda of Karen Handel and this administrations plans for your future. Senior citizens have worked a lifetime paying into a promise and are expecting that promise, Social Security and Medicare, to be honored, to carry them through their final days. Handel and this administration have plans to cheat Americans and take their dreams away. Now, this administration and Handel has proposed that senior citizens work until God call them home.

All hope is not lost. “God will never leave us nor forsake us.” This administration may think they are in charge, but God is in complete control.

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