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License to Kill

September 4, 2017

When I look at the direction of this country, it’s hard to believe these actions are coming

from humans. It appears, Trump and his demons are hard at work, dividing this country, while people are sitting and allowing him to do whatever he please.

Racism has always existed. What was once hidden is now uncovered. Police officers have the freedom to inflict harm, disrespect and shoot people at will. Our Attorney Generals, District Attorney’s, the Justice Department and especially Trump, is not doing anything to stop it. Officers are abusing their limited powers, making and breaking laws that citizens are expected to uphold.

In Georgia, one police officer was caught on camera during a traffic stop saying “we don’t shoot whites, we only shoot blacks”.…/remember-we-only-shoot-black-people-georgia-poli There’s no place on the force for people like this man. There’s some good and some bad officers on the force. If a citizen would have made this statement, they would have been charged with terrorist threats, hate crime and thrown in jail.

This country should be in an uproar over this officer words. “Whatever is in the heart, will come out; whether good or evil” .In 2017, it’s hard to believe an officer would use this language and feel comfort making statements while being recorded on tape. Residents are fined for hunting without a license, while officers license consists of a badge, gun and backed by the D.O.J. Law-enforcement has said “they want to bridge the gap of mistrust between officers and citizens. It’s hard to earn trust when the threat of bodily harm or death is indicated, and the black race is singled out. I would be panic stricken if I didn’t know God sits high and looks low and that He is in total control. He will repay all evil-doers.

Prayer: Father, we need you like never before. We cast our future, protection, life upon You. As we travel through this barren land, we ask You to take our hand and seal us unto the day of redemption. As we lift You higher and higher, we ask You to draw sinners unto You that evil-doers may repent from their wicked ways. Send a revival upon this cold earth. Blow breath back into these dry bones that they may come to know You in the pardon of their sins. We thank You, Father.

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