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Right or Wrong?

September 25, 2017

As usual, Trump is sticking his nose in something that does not pertain to the running of the country. North Korea is launching missiles and Trump’s major concern seems to be NFL players not standing during the anthem. If Trump would stop tweeting and listen to the heartbeat of the American people, he would understand why players are taking a knee. In this country, liberty and justice is extended to some, but not all.

This hate and ignorance within the NFL started when Colin Kaepernick refused to accept injustice. Kaepernick took a stand against injustice which is his constitutional right as a citizen of the United States of America. He showed more character than any Attorney General, Pastor, Police Chief, District Attorney or elected official. Many are aware of the reprehensible and deplorable actions taking place by not only this administration, but by those sworn to uphold the law throughout this country; but they don’t want to rock the boat due to fear, greed or political repercussions. I have not heard of any reports stating Trump standing up in defense of unarmed citizens being shot down by police officers daily. People just want to go home to their families at the end of the day.

Trump wants players that exercise their constitutional rights by kneeling during the anthem fired. But it appears he has no problem supporting guilty police officers while they are being placed on paid administrative leave; while being found “not guilty”.

We have major problems in this country when an officer can shoot and murder a man in front of his family and the officer walk away free. How cold and evil can this officer be? HTTP;//Washingtonpost/…/Minnisota-officer-acquitted-of-manslaughter-for-shooting.

Where is the justice?

While placing undue emphasis and unsolicited commentary on the NFL, Trump should be looking at the problems within his own administration AND how to deal with North Korea. Trump, like a majority of the country, want Americans to turn their heads while unarmed citizens are being slaughtered in the streets by police officers. Should we turn a blind eye to the atrocities happening right here on American soil as we stand, with hand over heart, singing, “land of the free and home of the brave”?

In the Bible, the Hebrew boys refused to heed to King Nebuchadnezzar decree to “bow when they heard the music play”. (Daniel 3:11) The same God that protected the Hebrew boys will also protect us. He is still the same God today, as He was back then. Are Trumps actions generating a climate of “respect or disrespect” for this country? Are his words uniting or dividing? Do they honor or dishonor the creed “and justice for all”?

Time is at hand when we must stand for right or wrong. What profit is there to keep attending church, calling ourselves Christians while supporting Trump and his wrong-doing. Even Jesus said “I wish that you was either hot or cold; but because you are lukewarm, I will vomit thee out of My mouth.” (Revelations 3:16) Will we serve Trump or God? Will we continue living in our sinful ways, or will we repent? The NFL Commissioner will have to make a choice to “do what is right in the eyes of God and the conviction of his heart or please Trump by doing evil?

Prayer: Father, in time like these, we need You more than ever. Be a Light in this dark world and let truth reign.

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