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Disrespect of the Fla

October 16, 2017

Trump is making a big deal about NFL players disrespecting the flag. There has been many disrespects of the flag before the NFL players began taking a knee. It’s not about the flag. People are tired of injustices and unarmed people being slaughtered by police officers. While this flag is flying, many injustices has taken place. When we see the American flag flying, Americans would expect “liberty and justice to all Americans,” and not some. The American flag was flying when Emmett Till was murdered and not one person was indicted. day-in…/Emmett till murderers make magazine confession

During the Civil Right Movement, the American flag was still flying when U.S. Officials allowed Black Americans to be beaten, arrested by police officers, hosed down with fire-hoses, attacked by dogs while standing up for equality and the right to vote. Later, black Americans was deprived of an valuable education during the racial segregation period. HTTP:// Wikipedia org./wiki/Racial-segregation in the U.S.

I am quite sure the American flag was flying on the lawn at the court-house in Florida, when a jury fail to indict George Zimmerman for the murder of T. Martin. The country did not see disrespect of the flag when a Minnesota officer executed Castile while his family watched. The officer walks away free to go home to his family, still receive his salary, while Castile family are forced to make funeral arrangements.…/ct-video-shots-officer-philando-castile-201/0620-story. While the flag is flying, guilty police officers are placed on “paid administration leave” pending investigation by their peers. Under the same flag, (it appears), officers are given “year round licenses to kill” unarmed people. Unarmed Americans has been choked, abused, shot, tased and beat to death while the Justice Department’s officials remain silent.

Under this flag, an black American is “guilty until proven innocent.” Under the American flag, the present administration is looking for ways to rob the elderly while attempting to cut Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. Mr. President, don’t ask Americans to respect and honor the flag while you and your administration are disrespecting the flag with your actions, lies and deceptions. How many of the past forty-four presidents attempted to manipulate and control the sports world? Which party is disrespecting the flag? Instead of monitoring the sports world, the president should he be more focused on real problems facing America.

While viewing the history lesson of this great Country, take inventory of all the injustices that have taken place while the flag was flying high. Whether the NFL players are kneeling or standing, we have bigger and more important issues to deal with in this country. Unless we remember our past, the same injustices will continue.

Prayer: Father, we need You like never before. We are living in perilous times and the last days. We see wicked powers in high places, earthquakes, hand-writing on the wall, triple hurricanes at one time, forest fires, the turning away from God. We know that You are still in control. You are a just, patient and merciful God. You are still giving people the chance to turn from their evil ways and seek You. As we lift You up, we ask You to draw lost souls that there will be a quaking and turning from evil and cleave to that which is good. We pray for our leaders and one another. Draw us ever so close and knit us together as a family and country, that one cannot fall without the others. We thank You and give You all honors and praises.

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