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Watch, Pray and Stay Awake

December 11, 2017

State of Alabama: Before casting your vote on Tuesday, seek the wisdom of God. “Give diligence to make your calling and election sure, for if you do these things, ye shall never fail.” (2 Peter 1::10)  Don’t allow Trump to have another toy (Moore) for Christmas

Going into the Alabama Senate race, Trump is lobbying and supporting another sexual accuser to  his staff. For Trump to support Roy Moore indicates Trump character and his lack of leadership. . There’s no place in the Senate for a sexual predator; being Democrat or Republican. When Bill Cosby was accused, a large percent of the country began their attack on his character. A year later, sexual harassment have become a daily topic.

If we allow the government to be filled with sexual predators, our daughters, sisters, wives and grand-daughters are not safe. If the government staff are the predators, who will hold them accountable?

President Obama tried to close the gap on racism and help the entire country, but people opposed his directions. Now, we have a person “talking loud but not saying nothing.” He is dividing the country and have not did ONE positive thing in eleven months to help the country; but people are following and supporting his agenda. People have said “The Democrat party spend too much money”. How much is it costing the taxpayers to fly AIR FORCE 1 to Florida every weekend?

This Country don’t need another Trump puppet; we need leaders that will bring dignity, positive leadership, the ability to think for themselves, promote growth and unity for this country.

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