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January 15, 2018

Wicked and evil powers is spreading throughout this Country. For months, Trump has shown his true heart. “Whatever is in a person heart will come out; sooner or later”. It’s time to stop posting individual posts on Facebook and start taking action. This evil is not coming from an outside group, but the U.S. Government elected officials..

Our Justice System are still prosecuting other criminals while the present administration is doing whatever they please. It’s almost like this administration is daring the Justice System to do anything . Why is this man still in the Oval Office? What other person could do this much dirt and still be walking around or hold a government office? This Country allow Satan and his demons to reside in power.

After referring to Africa and Haiti as s—hole countries , Congress should have voted and impeached Trump the next day. We must be wise as serpents and not allow Trump to continue spreading evil and hate. It’s time we as Americans took back the Oval Office, pray, repent, Lift Jesus up and ask God to make America great again. We can’t serve Trump all week and God on Sunday mornings. Trump can only carry people a certain distance; but Jesus can carry us from earth to Heaven. We have used adjectives to describe this man behavior. Trump is taking full advantage of the opportunities that we allow him. It don’t make Trump crazy; it makes us crazy for allowing him to get away with all this dirt and evil.

Prayer: Father, forgive us of our short comings and allowing the Spirit of fear to control us.

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