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Turn and Live

May 3, 2018

Every time I hear of an unarmed person being murdered by police officers indicates that there’s a need to hear from God. In many cases, officers have a choice to shoot or not to shoot; wound or kill. I believe, we are in the last days. We are not wrestling against flesh and blood but the power of darkness. Satan is working over-time killing unarmed people, destroying families and stealing the souls of unarmed people. We are battling Spiritual wickedness in high places. Evil, hate and racism are the enemy of mankind. This enemy comes disguised in human form carrying guns, badges and a license to kill. Our mission on this earth is to love one another.

We dress up on Sunday mornings and head off to church to follow traditions and to appear righteous; but turn our heads and and keep silent while these unjust actions are taking place. God has not given us a Spirit of fear; but boldness. Where are God’s people? Where are the bold Christians?

It appears, this Country has lost the fear of God. Growing up, ministers would constantly preach “Hell, Fire and Brimstone.” Now, we hear sermons on prosperity. People are being told that prosperity is being blessed with material things; a bigger home with a BMW parked in the garage. Solomon related material prosperity to vanity. We can’t drive a BMW to Heaven nor can we buy our way into Heaven. “What profit a person if they gain the whole world and loose their soul?” Souls are being lost while we are drawing salaries and trying to be accepted; by giving people a false sense of salvation and telling them “it’s alright what you are doing.” If we really love these people, we MUST tell them the truth; that they may repent, turn and open the door of their hearts and allow Jesus to come in and save their soul. On this earth, we must preach repentance to the White House, evil groups and Police Departments. Some of the same religious groups supporting the president wrong-doing is also supporting officers in their wrong-doing. We can’t escape God judgment because we are wearing a badge or the president. “The wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ and God has no respect of person.”

God is still speaking to us through His Word and showing us signs and wonders. The hand-writing is on the wall. He is giving us time to repent. What is holding you back? Just as Jesus looked into the depth of Nicodemus heart and said; “You MUST be born again.” We too, must be born again to enter into Heaven. We sang the song “Only the Righteous Shall See God.” Only the righteous shall dwell in the Kingdom of Heaven.

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