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How Did We Get Here?

October 8, 2018

We are living in perilous times and a time when the constitution is being raped, ignored, disrespected and revised.

The Texas Attorney General has intervened in a federal lawsuit that was filed on behalf of a student who was expelled from school after she chose not to stand for the Pledge of Allegiance, CBS affiliate KHOU reports. It is sad to see an adult attack a child. Where in the constitution does it state that students must stand for the Pledge of Allegiance? What law was broken by not standing? This country has bigger problems than worrying about if a student stand or sit; football players stand or kneel. Our priorities has been twisted, weakened, misplaced and compromised.

How did we get here? We traded truth for lies, God for guns, Biblical teaching for Trump and leaning to our own understanding. This country is being held captive by one administration. It appears, everyone is afraid to do anything in fear of retaliation. We have allowed Trump to add, change, revise or edit the constitution according to fit his agenda. With the number of people protesting Kavanaugh, the country ignored their cries and supported Trump agenda. Twenty-two months into Trump being selected and all this country has to show is “lies, cover-ups, disgrace, embarrassment and the country being dragged to it lowest point.” We must not fear Trump but fear the One that can kill the body and destroy the soul. We must not allow our hearts to be troubled with the evil taking place; nor should we fret ourselves of evildoers. Their days are numbered and they shall soon be cut down like the grass. There is a Supreme Judge already sitting on the Throne. Trump and McConnell did not appoint Him. Everyone that does evil without repenting will stand before this Supreme Judge and give in account of their evil deeds. Thank God for Jesus, that evildoers will not escape their punishment.

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