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How Long??????

October 15, 2018

How long will America be help captive by one man? This country has been involved in 12 major wars but have become P.O.W’s. to one man. I find many people that label themselves Christians approve Trump actions. Nothing in his word or actions reflect Christ. I wouldn’t support a god that spewed evil.

How long will we sleep? What will it take to wake us? (First lie) I’m going to make America great again. When will he begin making America great? It has been almost two years and I have not seen ONE positive attribute to convince me different. How long will it take Congress, the Justice Department or the citizens to act? When I look at the million of people supporting Trump makes me question their intelligence. Are people allowing FOXX News, Limbaugh, evil groups or Trump to think for them? People are asking the question “how long will God allow evil-doers to remain in power”? Trump and his goons are temporarily. God words and His promise are forever: “Vengeance is Mine and everyone will reap what they sow”. One day, we, Trump and his supporters will stand before a Supreme Judge; it won’t be Kavanaugh but JESUS. It would be a very Happy Day if Trump supporters would lift Jesus up as they are lifting up Trump.

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