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April 29, 2019

God created us to worship Him, love Him and each other. Yet, we are doing the opposite. Some of my readers has made a statement that “I appear angry with police actions.”

I am angry and hurt that people and law makers refuse to hold officers accountable. Every time, I hear of officers getting a “free pass,” it breaks my heart. We are not talking about arresting an African American but shooting them down like rabid animals. Everyone in this country has lost a love one to death. Natural death leaves our hearts torn and bring on pain that will never go away. Officers experience the same pain when they loose a fellow officer in the line of duty. The victim families suffer the same pain. When will the killing stop? How can a country that practice Biblical principles turn it’s head and ignore the genocide taking place in the African American race? When will this country acknowledge and accept the facts that citizens are humans and not rabid animals? Again, how can this country pass laws to make abortions illegal but execution legal? Both of these actions are wrong and both are the taking of a life. “Thou shall not kill!”

In a recent news report, two police officers beat and dragged a 16 year old female down a flight of stairs.…officers-dragging…girl…school. I am sure if men did this to the officers daughter, they would be livid. It’s not alright to shoot unarmed people, drag students down stair, drag students from their desks, kick, punch and use tasers on them. It’s not alright to lock innocent immigrants children in cages like animals to prove your point. The enemy is working over-time to recruit and use people to do his work. In the Yahoo Lifestyle April 02, 2019 Kristine Solomon Style writes “Retired Chicago cop filmed saying slain teen Laquan McDonald should have been shot more than 16 times.”

Why is the Chicago mayor and chief silent with these police actions? The mayor and chief became angry when Smollett was not charged. Dragging, kicking, tasering by two adults on a 16 year old minor is a more serious crime than lying. My heart aches when I hear of humans treating other humans like animals. God created us in His image. If we can’t love our neighbor, it’s impossible to love God. God destroyed the first earth because He saw the evil and wickness of men. If we don’t repent and turn from our wicked way, He will do the same to this earth.

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