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June 24, 2019

When Christ was crucified, His disciples went and hid themselves out of fear. What do we fear today? We has compromised the Word through being silent, not speaking out against evil and wrong-doings. We has compromised the Word through fear of not being accepted or liked by the world.

While being silent, God people is allowing this present administration to practice evil, separate children from parents, locking children in cages, threatening deportation, allowing police officers to shoot unarmed people, threaten people to blow their head off, pointing guns at a pregnant mother, dragging and tasering people.…/arizonia-police-under-scrunity-after-video-shows-brutal-beating. This video should have ALL of God people in an uproar. How can God people sit idle by while evil is taking place. Is our loyalty to God or the president? For the love of money, Sunday alcohol sales is on the rise and package stores are being built on every corner while God people did not put up a fight. We have neglected Biblical principles and leaning to our own selfish greed. While we are silent and hiding, law-makers passed a law making it legal for LGBT to enter into Holy matrimony. We can’t call anything Holy that is an abomination to God. The same law contradicts itself by making it legal to execute prisoners, officers to shoot unarmed people but illegal to have an abortion. All three acts is considered murder. God did not say ‘it’s alright for police officers to shoot unarmed people or for inmates to be executed.’ God was specific when He gave the Ten Commandments; “thy shalt not kill”

Jesus was the Greatest Teacher but never referred to Himself as Dr. We are carrying God word to larger cities while over-looking people under our noses that need Salvation and to hear the word. Are we shepherds or hirelings? Are we preaching soft words in fear of offending large tithers or law-makers? Do we want to be accepted and love by the world? Are we feeding the sheep or lining our pockets? We are living in dark times when pastors and ministers are supporting this present administration actions. Are we servants of God or servants of Satan? Why we are not denouncing evil and crying in the wilderness to “repent?”

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