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April 7, 2020

America, we must do better. God created us in His image to love Him and our neighbors. Instead, we are doing the total opposite. God have been sending us signs of His disapproval. We have had three hurricanes at once, flooding, forest fires destroying homes and properties.

We are humans and not animals. We cannot continue allowing police officers to kill unarmed people. We cannot continue allowing this administration to spread lies, hate, division and impose their selfish and evil agenda; without holding them accountable. It is unconstitutional to lock up innocent people to close a case. Our Justice System is guilty of giving one race probation, while sentencing other races to the max. We cannot continue in our sins and expect God to bless this country. Executing prisoners is wrong every day of the week. We have got to tell people: “The wages of sins is death, but the gift of God is eternal life.” Time is running out and we have got to stop playing and pretending.

We cannot continue hating and discriminating against people of different races or nationalities. Did our sins and disobedience bring on this plague? God is a Merciful, Loving, Kind, Forgiving, full of patience and compassionate God. If we don’t repent, turn, seek His face and pray; we will perish. We cannot continue ignoring the handwriting and testing His mercy and patience.

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