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April 23, 2020


The government has loaned Americans $1200 stimulus check to re-invest back into the economy. Our life is more valuable than $1200. After being quarantined, the government predicts that we would become careless and reckless. They anticipated that opening the country back up, African Americans will run out to watch new movies, get their hair done, get their nails done, go to restaurants and infect other African Americans by spreading the virus. This is a page from the enemy playbook to steal your health, kill your body and destroy your families. Wicked powers in Washington is also using this same playbook.

My people, we must be smart and use wisdom. Rather than giving the stimulus check back to the government, put it in the bank and save for rainy days. Continue with the ‘shelter in place’. We can follow common sense and live or we can ignore common sense and follow Kemp and Trump reckless proposal. Do not be tricked that this administration cares about you or have your best interest at heart. The more people that die, the less money the government will have to pay out for the next phase of stimulus checks. The more people die, the more hospital beds will become available for people of value. Re-opening the country this soon is reckless and endangering the lives of many. This proposal will activate the ‘experimental case study’ to test their experimental drugs on humans. Remember Tuskegee!!! The media have categorized the percentage of African Americans dying from the COVID-19 virus. We should be concerned with the percentage of HUMANS dying and not single out one race.

Follow God, sound doctrine and common sense will preserve or extend life.

Following Kemp, Trump and reckless behavior can result in being infected or death.

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