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April 30, 2020

Looking back, we ask the question “how did we get here’? We were sleeping while unqualified candidates stole and bought elections. We got here when unqualified relatives and friends of the selected officials was chosen to fill open positions. Once in office, they do not have a clue of what to do. Many of the selected officials are looking to Trump rather than God or the CDC for guidance.

Solomon was a wise Prophet. Solomon knew that he would have to make some wise decisions. Therefore, Solomon went in prayer and sought out God for wisdom. With this COVID-19 storm brewing, our leaders are still listening to Trump for guidance, while people are dying. It is not about doing what is the best for their state or the country; It is more about pleasing Trump.

People are still being hospitalized and dying from this virus. With the numbers rising, it should indicate there is still “danger in the land.” How can the economy be rebuilt without people? Do not sacrifice the lives of the citizens to please Trump. What intelligent political leader would use a National Guard Unit to render COVID-19 tests? Without being professionally trained, these soldiers can insert the nasal test tube too deeply into the nostril and cause severe damage to other organs.

NBC News reported: “Trump suggest ‘injection of disinfectant to beat the virus and clean the lungs.’ This recommendation suggest that we cannot follow guidance from everyone. How many non-thinkers or supporters will follow these recommendations?

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