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May 8, 2020

In the murder of Ahmaud Marquez Arbery, we cannot do evil and expect God to turn His head to our evil. When we do not know or refuse to accept God word, we become easy preys. Satan is using weak people to do his work. It is pure evil and hate to shoot a person in the back for no reason. If the video captured the shooting, why is these people still out? What more evidence is needed for a life sentence?

We can expect this plague of COVID-19 to linger upon the face of this earth unless we repent, turn, pray, and seek His face. If we do not learn from this plague, we can expect the next plague to be worse. Why is the FBI and GBI procrastinating in making any arrest? If the D.O.J. is not going to do their assigned job, shut it down and have no laws. (My opinion), I believe God patience is running thin with our sins of hate and evil. These men and many police officers have taken the law upon themselves to execute suspects. We MUST hold guilty parties accountable for their actions.

God sat and watched His Only Son to be nailed to a cross. He sacrificed His Only Son to save us. We cannot just do as we please without any consequences. God has no respect of person. Everyone will be required to stand and give in account of their sins.

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